Burglary Rate In Ireland Rises By 10% in 2022, For The First Time in 5 Years.

Burglary Rate In Ireland Rises By 10% in 2022, For The First Time in 5 Years.

May 3, 2023


As normality returned following the outbreak of Covid-19 and we spent more time away from home, it’s not surprising to hear that burglary rates in Ireland were back on the increase for the first time in five years. According to Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures, the number of recorded burglaries rose in 2022 over those released for 2021.

According to reports released by CSO, the statistics show that during 2021 the reported cases of burglary and related offences hit 34,892. That figure was surpassed in 2022 with the number reaching 38,346. A year on year increase of 10.15% and the first annual increase since 2017.

The individual quarterly results show a worrying upward trend in burglary and clearly demonstrates the need for homeowners to be more mindful about the threat of intruders breaking into their homes.

The statistics also act as a reminder to everyone to carry out their own home security review to make sure that property is adequately protected against the risk of burglary.

It’s not just one area of the country that is seeing an increase, the data from the CSO statistics shows that the four Garda regions have all experienced a rising number of burglaries. For example:

  • Dublin & Metropolitan was up 13% with 4048 recorded crimes in 2022.
  • Eastern region was up 13.4% with 2495 crimes registered in 2022.
  • Southern region recorded crimes rose by 4.78% in 2022 to 1491 cases.
  • The North Western region recorded 1415 crimes in 2022 up 2.69% on 2021 figures.

The evidence shows that there is a need to take whatever precautions are available to protect property and belongings and to minimise the risk of being targeted.

Protect Property & Belongings The Simple Way

To help homeowners feel more secure and safer whether they are at home or away for a short break or longer holiday, Network Security have put together a few simple things that can be done to raise the protection level to enhance your confidence and comfort levels.

Install a modern, monitored home security system.

Protecting a property with a monitored intruder alarm system will increase the level of security that can be actively working to protect a house whether the homeowner is in the home or away for a short or longer period of time. Home alarm systems are a proven deterrent and packed with features that monitor, record and raise alerts, should the house be targeted by thieves.

Review door and window security

Take the opportunity to check any potential route into the house to make sure that they are in good general repair and feature the highest level of security. Install the most secure locks for both doors and windows and consider internally beaded glazing units to prevent attack from outside the property.

If an alarm system is fitted, adding window and door sensors will trigger the alarm should a burglar attempt to break in.

Make it look like someone is always at home

Take the steps to make the house look occupied. This can be as simple as leaving the lights on at home with the curtains or blinds drawn. Cost effective programmable systems are available that can switch lights on as it gets darker or even draw the curtains at a set time.

Leaving a car on the drive can also act as a visual deterrent to an intruder.

Limit social media activity

Everyone loves to post updates on social media of holidays or weekend breaks, but this could provide just the information a burglar needs to know that a house might be empty. Be careful when checking in to places or what information is posted to limit any risk of being targeted.

Keep spare keys hidden and safe

Instead of leaving a spare key somewhere hidden in a shed, outside a property or hung up in plain view, leave them with a family member who lives close by or even with a friendly neighbour.

Ask a neighbour to keep a watchful eye

When the house is empty for longer periods of time during a holiday etc, consider asking a neighbour to monitor the property and check it every few days and even go in and put the lights on in the evening etc. Ask them to make it look like there is movement around the property by moving bins or cars occasionally.

Stay Safe & Secure While At Home Or Away

Although burglary rates are on the increase in Ireland, thankfully there are steps everyone can take to improve personal security for homes and properties, whilst assisting the fight against crime.

Network Security is on a mission to help homeowners keep their families and pride and joy safer and more secure. Installing the best home security and CCTV systems will increase the levels of protection around a property, providing a visual deterrent to intruders and burglars.

For peace of mind, improved security and to limit the chances of being targeted and adding to the statistics, take these simple steps now. For more advice, contact Network Security in Dublin on 01 257 3600.

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