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Remote CCTV

Remote CCTV Monitoring

The Network Security remote CCTV monitoring system is a reactive solution designed to detect the presence of trespassers on a closed & armed site using specialist motion detection technology backed up by CCTV cameras and audio equipment.

Remote CCTV Monitoring – Specialists

This is both a highly efficient & cost effective means of protecting a site versus the costs associated with a static security guards. Our system has been installed and proven in sites throughout the country and has both met and exceeded the expectations of our clients through a variety of industries.

This system comprises of military grade security equipment combined to form a highly sophisticated monitoring solution.

Massive annual savings versus static guard costs

The Network Monitoring solution uses electronic technology to carry out the tasks which are traditionally associated with a static security guard. Network Cameras protect your site, detecting trespassers when motion is detected. When perimeter is breached, live video footage of the event is transmitted to our command centre. Our operators challenge the trespassers with live audio warnings. Keyholders and/or the Gardai will be contacted and informed of the situation underway.

Achieve a high level of security coverage on your site but at a fraction of the cost versus manned guarding rates. Our state of the art equipment, backed up by highly experienced control room operators makes our solution both viable and extremely cost effective.

Remote Gate Monitoring

Monitored Premises Include:
- Business Parks
- Apartment Complex
- Afterhours Access
- Carpark Entrance

Network Security Control

Secure your site with our system which is an alternative to static security guards. Our “Remote CCTV Monitoring System” allows our monitoring station to perform the tasks traditionally carried out by the static guard from a remote location. With our highly advanced technology, we have the facility to view all cameras, detect motion/movement on site and challenge trespassers with audio warnings.

Our operators also have the ability to control electric gates and barriers as well as converse with tenants/ visitors over dedicated intercoms and allow after hours access once approved passwords have been given.

Crime Is On The Rise

While crime is steadily rising nationally, business owners still have to weigh up the costs associated with securing their property afterhours. At a reasonable annual cost our remote monitoring system will ensure your site or business park does not experience a lower level of security cover but in fact increase your level of security as our cameras are recording on a 24Hr basis whether the site is actually armed or not.

By installing perimeter motion detectors, we will be notified of trespass as it occurs and will react according to agreed site protocols.

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