Home Alarms And Security Systems in Ashbourne

Safeguarding Your Home And Possessions. 24/7 Complete Surveillance For Your Peace of Mind


Fully Monitored 24/7 for Peace of Mind and Support

Kit Consists of:

  • Door Contacts
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Shock Sensor
  • Slimline Keypad


Modern and Understated Design

Visual Verification for Instant Activation

Safe For Children and Pets

Effortless and Swift Installation

Smart Home Security Systems

Looking for house alarms in Ashbourne to safeguard your property?

Our wide range of world-class security solutions helps you to protect your home and possessions. Our company uses the latest technology-driven equipment that integrates easily into your home environment.

Our wireless house intruder alarms are the answer to protect your homes from potential thefts. Here’s why:
- Ability to monitor your property 24/7 remotely, internal and exterior regions.
- A simple-to-configure solution that you can use on your mobile device to control.
- Compact and straightforward to set up that fits in with the aesthetics of your home environment.
- Live CCTV recording for on-the-spot property management.


Enhanced Security with the Smart App in Ashbourne

Network Security aims to provide reliable home alarm systems that protect your property, giving you the flexibility of being away from your home while ensuring that it is secure. With our innovative app, you have complete control over your alarm system in the palm of your hand.

Our app is your all-inclusive solution, whether to set the system or remote access to monitor CCTV recordings. It offers seamless, round-the-clock surveillance of the interiors and exteriors of your property.

You can turn on particular zones for surveilling particular regions of your property. Download the app for real-time notifications of any suspicious activity.
- Multi-Panel Option
- History Log
- Partial Alarm
- Group Alarm
- Status Check And Bypass

Multi-Panel Option

History Log

Partial Arm

Group Arm

Status Check & Bypass

Ashbourne Burglar Alarms Systems

With a variety of security products available to safeguard your property and possessions, here are some of our best-selling systems:
- Our 2-Way Motion Detector uses fast microprocessors to accurately differentiate between real security risks and false alarms.
- Due to its wireless creation, the Wireless Slim Magnetic Door Contact is simple to install in various settings, including windows and doors.
- Using the 2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector, you can spot prospective burglars before they enter your property by detecting disturbances around your home.
- Our Slimline Keypad has a chiclet interface, suited for all ages and is safe for kids and pets.

House Alarms Ashbourne: Discreet and Professional Installation

With Network Security, installing burglar alarm systems in Ashbourne isn’t time-consuming. Our trained professionals will install your house alarms in 2.5 hours or less. Our experienced installers will also guide you through the process and demonstrate the use of your burglar alarms, so you’re confident to manage the system yourself.

Satisfied Customers in Ashbourne

We're pleased to provide superior home security system installation for Ashbourne residents. These systems guard homes against theft and break-ins.
The company’s focus is to install our new-age security systems so that you feel safer and more protected.
Call Network Security in Ashbourne at 012573600 to learn how to secure your house. You can also use our contact form, and we'll respond ASAP.

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Their Home Alarm Systems

With over 40,000 customers all over Ireland, we are confident in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our alerts and alarms, but we’re not the only ones.

We are thankful to have thousands of satisfied customers across not only Dublin but the entirety of Ireland. Our customer testimonials outline how many homeowners have received exemplary service thanks to our highly skilled system team, our friendly agents and our high-tech surveillance equipment. It’s our mission to protect your home and family: to protect what matters most.

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