House Alarms and Security Systems Galway

We protect your home, we protect your family.


Fully Monitored 24/7 for Peace of Mind and Support

Kit Consists of:

  • Door Contacts
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Shock Sensor
  • Slimline Keypad


Simple installation

Sleek and modern design

Kids & Pet friendly

Visual verification on activation

The Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Galway

When it comes to the alarm systems Galway has to offer, you need look no further than Network Security. For over 25 years, we have provided superb home alarm systems across not only Galway but the entire country itself, and we’ve only gotten more advanced with time.

• We have monitored alarms that are specialised for both internal and external security, so that you can feel confident that each location’s particular needs are catered to. Your home’s exterior access points (for example, its windows or doors) can be vulnerable to intruders, and so they are closely surveilled by our exterior system. In addition, our interior alarms surveil your potentially vulnerable points such as beams, crawl spaces and so on.
• Our smartphone app (available on both Google Play and the Apple Store) is intuitive and packed full of tools to help your alarm systems function to their highest capacity, even when you’re away from the premises.
• Our home keypad system is wireless, subtle and slimline. We as a company have worked long and hard to ensure that the system is usable for everyone in your home, so that your house can be protected from all angles. It is activated by visual recognition (calibrated to your face), ensuring ultimate security.
• Our Nominated Keyholder Service gives you the opportunity to appoint a trusted loved one or neighbour (or both!) to answer any emergency alerts that should arise from your house’s alarm system activity. This means that no matter where you are, your property is protected and advocated for.

With a support team available to you 24/7 and a company of experts, you can trust Network Security.




24/7 Peace of Mind & Support

It can be worrying to think about dangerous happenings at your home, but that’s exactly what we’re here to help with. Take for instance, an intruder attempts to gain entry to your property. Once our intruder alarms prevent them from doing so and alert both yourself and our team to the occurrence, we will immediately contact the Gardaí services to come to your aid. Or, for another example, you use our CCTV services and spot something that concerns you. We will reach out to the relevant Galway emergency services and get you any urgent help you require: be it the Fire Department, ambulance services or otherwise. If you’re away from your home (let’s face it, we all need a vacation from time to time!), we will contact your nominated keyholder, so that you can rest and relax; knowing confidently that your property is being looked after.

County Galway deserves the finest home alarm systems. We deliver that, and beyond.

Galway Residents Want The Best, And We Deliver

It’s all well and good to discuss Network Security’s spectacular house alarms in general, but we also understand the need for you as a customer to know the specifics. Have a look below at the extensive features we can offer you today, as part of the finest alarm systems Galway residents can have.

Our 2-Way Wireless Vibration Detector works with sensors to detect any vibrations occurring around your house, and so alert you to possible intruders before they can even enter.

Our 2-Way Motion Detector distinguishes between false alarms and genuine security concerns, so as to not worry you unnecessarily.

Our Wireless Slim Magnet Door Contact can be placed at any of the doors or windows of your house, without unsightly or constraining cables.

Our interactive system is both slimline and intuitive - easily accessible to all family members.

Your Alarm System in Your Hands

Protecting what matters most to you is what matters most to us. We take every step possible to ensure that each aspect of our service is as efficient and effective as you deserve. Our installation takes just 2.5 hours (or less!) so that your day is uninterrupted, and your premises can be secured as quickly as possible. Our interfaces are intuitive, as well as child and pet friendly. This means that everyone in your home is catered to, in every possible way. In addition, we have specially designed them to be as subtle and slimline as possible, so as to not disturb your décor or interior design visions. Our systems are activated via visual verification, so that they are yours and yours alone.

Our support team is available to you 24/7, no matter whereabouts in County Galway you may be located. They can answer any questions or queries you may have, and guide you through anything you need… no matter the hour!

Network Security has Thousands of Satisfied Customers in Galway

We have a 4.5 star score on Trustpilot and many happy reviews from customers both in Galway and nationwide, and it’s for good reason. For every step of the process, we pride ourselves on being the best security organisation in Galway and Ireland. To experience the quality service we can provide, contact us today for more information and for a personal quote!

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Their Home Alarm Systems

With over 40,000 customers all over Ireland, we are confident in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our alerts and alarms, but we’re not the only ones.

We are thankful to have thousands of satisfied customers across not only Dublin but the entirety of Ireland. Our customer testimonials outline how many homeowners have received exemplary service thanks to our highly skilled system team, our friendly agents and our high-tech surveillance equipment. It’s our mission to protect your home and family: to protect what matters most.

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