House Alarms and Security Systems Waterford

Protecting your home and family: protecting what matters most.


Fully Monitored 24/7 for Peace of Mind and Support

Kit Consists of:

  • Door Contacts
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Shock Sensor
  • Slimline Keypad


Simple installation

Sleek and modern design

Kids & Pet friendly

Visual verification on activation

Waterford Burglar Alarm & House Alarm Solutions

So, what can you expect when you own one of our renowned security systems?

• Our alarms protect not just the external vulnerabilities and access points of your home such as the windows and doors, but the interior ones too, like the property beams.
• Our 24/7 monitoring service and emergency team can notify both you and the Waterford Gardaí, Waterford Fire Department or other relevant services within MINUTES of any danger or threat to your home.
• Our nominated Keyholder Response Service enables a trusted person of your choosing to be our point of contact regarding the safety of your home, should you yourself be away from the property.
• Our extensive range of alarm systems can cater exactly to your abode’s needs.
• Our smartphone app enables you to have complete control over your home’s safety and systems, no matter where you are.

If house security and safety precautions aren’t exactly your forté or if you even just have some questions you’d like to ask our team, fret not. Our 24/7 team is made up of highly skilled and trained safety experts, spanning not just Waterford itself but the entirety of Ireland. Not only can they guide you any queries you may have, they will also ensure that your premises is tended to by any of the relevant Waterford emergency services, and that you (or your appointed keyholder) remain notified at all times. Our intruder alarms are the best across Ireland, guaranteed to give you peace of mind. We’re to support you, no matter what!


Putting Your Home Back In Your Hands

Our homes are our refuge, our safe places. They house our families, our loved ones, our prized possessions, our memories. So, how do we ensure that they are protected?

Here at Network Security, your home’s protection is our passion. Our mission is to protect your home and family; to protect what matters most. We’re not just a Waterford based alarm company, but Waterford based homeowners too, who understand the importance of alarm systems you can trust. Our smartphone app enables all of our customers to easily access their monitoring features remotely - such as arming and disarming alarms, accessing surveillance cameras, monitoring alarm history logs, and tapping into smart-home systems. From burglar alarms, to more general house alarms, to perimeter sensors, our company has the solutions to whatever security issues your house may face. Our 24-hour dedicated team of experts are here to assist and guide you no matter the problem, and our reliable equipment won’t let you down. Treat your house to the finest alarm system Waterford has to offer!

Multi-Panel Option

History Log

Partial Arm

Group Arm

Status Check & Bypass




Thousands of Satisfied Customers in Waterford

In our company’s eyes, one of the most crucial things an alarm system should offer your home is 24/7 protection. Whether your house should require the assistance of the Waterford Gardaí, the Waterford Fire Department, or any of the emergency services, you should feel rest assured that your house’s needs will be tended to immediately.

If your home encounters danger or if your alarms are triggered, our team will immediately contact you and send the relevant services to your property.

If it should happen that you are away from the premises (let’s face it, we all need a holiday sometimes!), you can nominate a ‘keyholder’ who can take your place and be our point of contact for the goings-on of your house’s safety. So, no matter where you are or what happens, your property is protected 24/7.

The Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Waterford

Every home is different, and so, every alarm system Waterford has is different too. Our alarm company offers a myriad of different options and choices for your house, ensuring that your home’s unique requirements are met.

Our 2-Way Motion Detector has low-current microprocessors. These can accurately sense the difference between real and true intruder incidents, and false alarms that may be triggered by rough weather, large animals, etc. This means that you as a homeowner needn’t fret about being disturbed by false alarm notifications: so less stress for you, and more accurate security for your property.

Our Wireless Slim Magnetic Door Contact can be placed at any of your home’s doors or windows, without the restrictions or hassle of heavy cables and wiring getting in the way. It picks up on any unwanted entrance attempts via your doors and windows

Our 2 Way Wireless Vibration Detector helps prevent any possible intrusions before they’ve even gotten the chance to occur. It sensors to pick up on any unwarranted low-amplitude vibrations that occur outside your property’s vulnerable access points: alerting you to the possibility of an intrusion.

Our easy-to-use Network Security smartphone app gives you access to all of our features remotely, allowing you to monitor your house’s safety from afar. In addition, you can also adjust your property’s power, energy, and alarm settings - allowing you ultimate control over the goings-on of your abode.

Our intuitive, wireless keypad is slimline and stylish, easily complimenting your house’s decor while still being accessible.

Waterford Residents Want the Best, and We Deliver!

While our company provides the systems to keep your property safe, the control should always be in your hands. Our Waterford alarm systems do not wish to take over your control over your home’s safety, but rather to increase it.

Our team will support you no matter the day or hour. Our systems will protect both your perimeters and your property. Our app gives you total control, no matter how remote you may be.

For the best house alarms Waterford has, you can trust Network Security.

Your Home’s Alarm Systems in Your Hands

In our current age of smartphones and the ability to control much of our daily lives via apps and programs, it only makes sense that you can control your alarm systems via app too.

Our Network Security app offers you the full suite of our services, all laid out within an intuitive application that is available on both Google Play and on the Apple App Store. Check your property’s safety status, adjust its power, lighting, security systems and energy consumption, contact our team, and so much more. Take your property’s protection with you, even outside of Waterford!

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Their Home Alarm Systems

With over 40,000 customers all over Ireland, we are confident in the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our alerts and alarms, but we’re not the only ones.

We are thankful to have thousands of satisfied customers across not only Dublin but the entirety of Ireland. Our customer testimonials outline how many homeowners have received exemplary service thanks to our highly skilled system team, our friendly agents and our high-tech surveillance equipment. It’s our mission to protect your home and family: to protect what matters most.

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